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Five tips for creating a photo-friendly town in the age of Instagram

Being photo friendly is an important consideration that regional tourism authorities, municipalities, and businesses need to be thinking about when it comes to making their ...

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Managing diversity and change in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area

Above: Two San Francisco Icons: the mist from the hills and the Golden Gate Bridge. In the San Francisco Bay Area, a visitor would not ...

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Municipal World Report: 2018 AMO Annual Conference

Municipal leaders are concerned for the future – not just for their own community, but also for their country as a whole. At the 2018 ...

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The Great Unknown: Questions remain as AMO delegates grapple with issues around marijuana legalization

October 17, 2018. Without hyperbole, that day promises to be one of the most significant and (potentially) challenging days for all orders of government. The ...

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Urban innovation: How hubs, labs, and learning networks are the key to better city building

Across the globe, there is a bold new wave of ideas inspiring how cities share knowledge, create policy, build networks, and create new innovations that ...

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Vaughan and Innisfil recognized as municipal innovators

The Peter J. Marshall Innovation Award Jury presented its highest award to two municipalities this year at the 2018 AMO Conference in Ottawa, Ontario. The ...

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Back to values

Strategically managing employee-to-employee (mis)conduct Over the past several years, elected officials, executives, and senior managers of various local governments in Canada have expressed a high ...

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Respect and dignity

Creating a psychologically safe and healthy workplace We are witnessing a significant shift in workplace culture and accountability across North America. We are only now ...

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Lessons from pizza delivery

When was the last time your pizza was delivered late? If you’re like me, it’s been a while. I’ve ordered pizza in Canada since I ...

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Light, leaves, and a high-tech library - Why the world's scientists are paying attention to advances in Canadian remote sensing research

As Canadians, we are lucky to have a variety of landscapes that we call home; from the dramatic coastlines of the Maritimes to the wide-open ...

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