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The Food and Organic Waste Framework: The shift to a circular economy in Ontario

Ontario's Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change recently released The Food and Organic Waste Framework, which outlines the province's shift to a circular economy. ...

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Virginia Beach uses voice and data science to strengthen community preparedness

As sea levels rise and storm surges from hurricanes and Nor’easters become more common, community preparedness for flooding is a top priority for the City ...

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Request for what? Re-thinking the RFP process

A Requests for Proposal (RFP) can be a lengthy and confusing process for both staff and vendors. In Philadelphia, a city staff team conducted several ...

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Calgary is digging in – Cultivating a culture of innovation

In a world that is increasingly complex, volatile, and networked, the City of Calgary is building teams of people who know that, while we can't ...

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Change your culture, change your life

Does culture really eat strategy for lunch? A highly motivated team of city staff have answered this age-old question and will challenge you to think ...

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Create and sustain a lean continuous improvement culture

The City of Gainesville, FL did everything right, they implemented lean Black Belt training and committed to a by-the-book, well-crafted roll-out strategy, yet they were ...

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Aiming high for high performance buildings

When you think innovation, rarely do building departments lead the way in seeing beyond the horizon; as building code is often seen as unchangeable. When ...

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Innovation by design: Co-creating government

It starts with the people they are serving and ends with a service that is specifically tested and designed for them. Innovation by Design is ...

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Juice check - results of the survey

In last month’s issue of Municipal World, we introduced you to your executive function (E/F) and how it and the energized brain, together, are essential ...

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