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Feature Stories

Local government leaders forge cooperative solutions

The theme of the 2019 Ontario Municipal Administrators’ Association (OMAA) Fall Workshop was “We’re All In This Together,” which was reflected in conversations taking place ...

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The Municipal Natural Assets Initiative: Protecting nature and delivering critical services

The Town of Gibsons, British Columbia, a coastal community of 4,400 people, was the first North American community to experiment with integrating natural assets into ...

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Municipal finance leaders look to navigate uncertain times

As Julie Stevens, president of the Municipal Finance Officers’ Association of Ontario (MFOA), stated repeatedly throughout the organization’s annual conference and AGM, uncertainty is common ...

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MIC 2019: Municipal innovators explore the evolution of ideas

The “evolution of ideas” was the theme of the Municipal Innovators Community (MIC) 2019 Conference, providing some 190 delegates with an opportunity to discuss ways ...

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Creating a successful municipal employee mentoring program

An employee mentoring program is a useful tool for municipalities to foster career growth and development and have a positive impact within your organization. Mentoring ...

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8 ways to manage change and drive success

At the simplest level, process improvement initiatives seek four primary outcomes within the context of good customer service and organizational efficiency and effectiveness. These outcomes ...

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10 ways to make your city wealthier

Do you want to make your city wealthier? Create jobs? Improve economic and social development? Become a centre for ideas? The secret to wealth, of ...

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10 steps to building trust that lasts

Look around any organization and you will find trust in action. There is some department, work unit, or team where people shine, ideas flourish, and ...

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