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The high cost of wobbling and indecision

Until we decide, nothing happens. We’re stuck in a self-imposed limbo; we’re wobbling aimlessly, and the world moves on without us. Decisions move us forward ...

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What's going on with Stan? Coping in the era of exhaustion.

You and I need to talk about Stan: “He’s losing the thread in meetings.” “Why’s he so impetuous these days?” “Stan’s just not connecting the ...

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Water user fees: building a path to sustainability

When it comes to the economics of municipal water and wastewater – and how we pay for these services – Canadian municipalities have made considerable ...

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Municipal World announces 2019 Awards of Distinction

Municipal World has announced the winners for its 2019 Awards of Distinction. Presented in six categories and voted on by Municipal World members, the awards ...

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Five keys to being a "player" politician

Anyone interested in being an effective political force should take stock of the attributes of “player” politicians. Fortunately, the vast majority of elected officials fit ...

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The trendwatching trend

Poets can be wrong. Some 250 years ago, Thomas Gray wrote, “Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise.” These days ignorance is rarely ...

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The dysfunctional council

When one councillor seems determined to make life miserable for the “team,” the absence of effective rules becomes glaringly evident. But that doesn’t mean dissent ...

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Good Leadership: A vaccine for the organizational flu

Little did the taxpayers know they were paying an extra five percent for the multiplex site servicing work in their small town. Why? Because bidding ...

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Constructing resilient communities at the local level

The motto of the 2019 Local Government Alumni Conference was “Caution! Change Ahead: Constructing Resilient Communities.” This was reflected in the presentations and conversations taking ...

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7 tips for making the most of social media

More and more, people are beginning to expect a high level of service, transparency, and responsiveness from their municipal governments. Today, it’s now common to ...

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