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Earth Day Canada 2020: Keeping our distance, but taking environmental action together

In honour of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the organization Earth Day Canada is inviting citizens to take simple and concrete actions – at ...

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The power of staying positive during COVID-19

Is it time to hire a Chief Positivity Officer? Even on a typical day – and yes, life right now is anything but typical – ...

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Steps to good council communication during COVID-19

Communication with the public and municipal employees is important right now. Good communication keeps people safe and healthy, it keeps your municipality functioning well, and it keeps ...

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It’s an Emergency: Where are You?

I enjoy reading stories/books about World War Two. In particular, I enjoy the tales of heroes (both known and unknown), who fought the scourge of ...

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“What’s in it for me?” … and other bad attitudes

In the quest for success, attitude is everything. The right attitude can help us overcome great obstacles and hard times, and the wrong attitude can ...

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Annie Bernard-Daisley recognized with Women of Influence in Local Government Award

In advance of International Women’s Day, Municipal World kicked off its 2020 awards celebrating Women of Influence in Local Government. This year’s first honouree is ...

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Top 10 tools and strategies for building local food security

There are an unlimited number of different situations, contexts, and challenges to be dealt with by municipal governments across Canada. However, despite the many differences ...

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Whose agenda is it, anyway?

An agenda is described as “an itinerary for action.” It sets out what issues are to be discussed, and in what order of priority. In ...

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How microliving can help reshape communities

A hotly-contested topic of interest for municipal councils across the entire country right now is affordable housing. There is no question that a major shift ...

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Time management made easy (Well, easier at least)

Prioritizing our tasks is fairly easy; some things are obviously more important than others. Identifying how much time we have is also relatively easy, since ...

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Branding: “Working with what you have”

Most of us recognize the Nike swoop on athletic apparel and shoes or the just-as-famous I♥NY brand of New York City. But, you don’t need ...

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