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Party leaders promise new federal-municipal relationship

During the 2019 annual conference of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), local government leaders collectively called for a new relationship between the federal government ...

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Big city mayors seek modernized federal relationship

The mayors of the nation’s largest communities are united in calling for a closer federal-municipal relationship to better serve Canadians. The meeting of the Big ...

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CAMA supports municipal administrators with new toolkit

Municipal administrators work at the crossroads of management and politics. Their job is a delicate balance between the formal and informal influences that shape decision ...

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Keeping summer students safe on the job

It is the time of year when many municipalities hire students for summer employment. These young, enthusiastic, and oftentimes obliging short-term employees can provide a ...

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6 tips for innovation

The challenges facing cities are far-reaching and complex. Across the globe, urban and rural areas are grappling with the effects of climate change, shifting demographics, ...

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Avoiding the costs of a bad hire: How intake strategy sessions can improve your hiring process

We’re all aware that bad hires are costly. And, it’s not just the money, which can often be a six-figure loss considering time, training, onboarding, ...

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Run it like a "business"

I have heard it said frequently and have read it in emails and articles: government would be in a whole lot better shape “if we ...

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OMAA focuses on municipal innovation and engagement

The impact of innovation, the growth of new technologies, and the need for greater engagement with both municipal staff and the public at large were ...

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Being a mayor is a tough job

Last fall, there were more than 1,000 municipal elections in seven provinces and territories across Canada. For those of us who delight in following municipal ...

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