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Thinking big and the importance of visionary leadership

Whether you’re a city manager or an intern just starting out, being curious and asking the right questions can help make good things happen Local ...

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Community safety and well-being plans

Local collaborations result in new approaches to protecting public health The COVID-19 pandemic has increased awareness around the importance of community safety and well-being plans. ...

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Better templates help to create better municipal reports

Report templates are as varied as the municipalities that create them. Some are simple; some are elaborate. In some municipalities, they change frequently in what ...

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Five ways to avoid fatigue with employee surveys

Receptive employees are key to the success of the employee engagement survey An employee engagement survey can create an understanding of the organization and, ultimately, ...

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Municipal work and the death of the watercooler culture

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how municipal staff work. Before global lockdowns, staff predominately worked from municipal buildings. This typical model inverted during lockdown measures ...

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Critical decision making during a cybersecurity attack

It seems that we can’t go more than a few days without reading about another municipality that has been victimized by a cybersecurity attack. Making ...

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Problem solving and the King's challenge

How difficult problems lead to better solutions How fast can we get something done? How cheaply? How good a solution is the one we’ve just ...

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