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The serious game of tactical urbanism

Professional planning has great influence in the design of public spaces so that they reflect a community’s needs, culture, and character. In general terms, this ...

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Internet voting

In 2000, I participated in a panel created in response to a request from U.S. President Bill Clinton to examine internet voting. My initial reaction ...

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Building a connected city

Local government is in the business of making connections. Whether it is connecting commuters to workplaces, older adults to recreation centres, students to campuses, or ...

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Public library staff

In any community, cultural vitality relies on a web of collaborative relationships between a number of organizations and individuals. Local culture thrives when art galleries, ...

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Our aging, shifting population

Every day, all over Canada, decisions are made that will ultimately shape our cities. These decisions dictate how and where cities will grow and shrink. ...

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Cultural regeneration

The case for cultural regeneration in European capital cities has been made for at least two decades in Europe. More recently, however, second-tier cities have ...

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Expropriating contaminated land

When a municipality expropriates contaminated land, can it deduct the full cost of remediating the contamination from the amount paid to the reluctant seller? Surprisingly, ...

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Micromanagers deliver micro-results

It continues to surprise me how many people end up in leadership positions while they lack the necessary people skills. They rise through the ranks ...

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