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Feature Stories

CAO evaluation criteria (Part 1)

Last month, we explored the question “Can council evaluate its chief administrative officer?” In this issue, we now turn the focus to “What should a ...

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Delighting residents and making cities smarter

Today, it is not enough to simply make digital versions of old ways of delivering services. When it comes to technology, cities and governments are ...

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Can council evaluate the CAO?

I hope to pen some thoughts around the issue of a council and its chief administrative officer (CAO) over the next few issues. I will ...

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Seven steps to civility in the workplace

Communication is not simple. If it were, there would not be thousands of books and articles written on the subject. Yet, communication is the key ...

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Reconciling canada together

There are few words more powerful in Canada right now than “reconciliation.” There are also few words more challenging. Thanks to the work of people ...

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Mad about modernism

When you think about heritage buildings, you often picture cute Victorian houses and main streets or grand Gothic Revival churches. Buildings from the 1950s and ...

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Restoring energy to exhausted, depleted employees?

Manage energy, not engagement Are your traditional employee engagement efforts delivering the results you need? That is, are your municipality’s engagement surveys, town hall meetings, ...

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Do municipalities have a duty to adapt to climate change?

As extreme weather events linked to climate change hit Canadian municipalities increasingly hard, what is happening to the risk of municipal governments being sued for ...

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