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Shifting the focus to people - designing vision zero communities

Communities of every size are researching, developing, and implementing vision zero initiatives. These dramatic changes will influence how streets and intersections are designed for pedestrians, ...

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One month until the world's first ever global recycling day

On March 18, the first-ever Global Recycling Day will take place. Cities across the globe are coming together to encourage people to think of recycling ...

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Mississauga's Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) starts on April 1, 2018

The City of Mississauga will introduce a four per cent Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) effective April 1, 2018. Council approved the new tax which will apply ...

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Mobile emergency alerts - The next generation of alerting citizens

Mobile phones are taking over as the leading device used to get information. And, with millions of Canadians using their mobile phones for social media, ...

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Romance in the office

At this very moment, across Canada, there are a number of instances wherein a relationship is either developing between a member of council and a ...

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A home for everyone in BC: new UBCM report

The Union of B.C. Municipalities (UBCM) has released a new housing strategy that calls upon all levels of government to diversify supply, manage demand, and prevent ...

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New Urban Allies Forging Partnerships in Mid-sized Cities

Twenty-first century city building is becoming increasingly complex. Municipal leaders are asking how to create community prosperity, while constrained by a fiscal arrangement that is ...

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Bringing the Peaches back to Main Street

“Meet me at the market” is an often-heard saying in the Town of Grimsby, Ontario, each year from late spring to early fall. The downtown ...

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Car-sharing: convenient, environmentally friendly or financially smart?

A recent report conducted by Vancity contacted over 4,000 B.C. residents to find out why they are using car-sharing services. A whopping 95 percent stated ...

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