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The world to our doorstep: pending cannabis legalization an opportunity for Canada

The pending legalization of recreational cannabis is on the horizon, and it is already causing significant controversy in communities across the country. However, as Cam ...

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Lessons from the olympics

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things When you look at the great things that are being done in your community, it is most often the result ...

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A council's "DNA"

A question frequently heard in the world of local government is this: Why does the council act as it does? This question sometimes refers to ...

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The changing dynamics of the municipal-federal relationship

The federal government understands that municipalities are central to Canada’s success – it is the communities where the country-wide initiatives are taking place. Recently, Clark ...

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Why the wise ask why?

In the long-distant past, I’ve had the dubious opportunity to teach people how to use either a computer or some sort of computer application. Quite ...

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Creating jobs in a rapidly growing smaller municipality

Experts examine challenges and opportunities for the Town of Innisfil. On November 2, a group of experts gathered at Ryerson University to join in a ...

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The incivility continuum

Political incivility and what local governments can do. Civic engagement is a topic that is gathering considerable attention these days. But, what happens when public ...

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True moral leadership requires empowering women

True moral leadership seems to be in short supply today. Yet, it’s something that communities and organizations continue to crave. What is true moral leadership? Leadership ...

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New report underscores importance of local planning for healthy living

In her report, Designing Healthy Living, on the state of public health in Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, examines the connection between ...

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On being a CAO in Canada

I have long been concerned with the proposition that not only public servants, but also all citizens, are necessarily “independent moral actors.” The phrase derives ...

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Why 0% tax increases cost so much

Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Pain In 1986, I attended the Western Canada Water and Sewage Conference in Calgary. A comment by the keynote luncheon speaker, a ...

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