Making a Difference: Cuff’s Guide for Municipal Leaders Vol.1


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Cuff’s Guide for Municipal Leaders – Vol 1: A survival guide for elected officials

Finally, a book that defines what municipal governance is all about. Management consultant George Cuff delivers no-nonsense advice about the appropriate roles of council members, the head of council, and the administration, discussing:


The art of governance

Understanding leadership

Council management problems

Governance best practices

Hallmarks of successful elected officials

and more

Published in Canada by Municipal World Inc.


Preface – v
Chapter 1 Introduction – 1
Chapter 2 So, Now You’ve Been Elected – 3
Chapter 3 The Need for Orientation – 7
Chapter 4 The Art of Governance – 13
Chapter 5 Governance Questions – 27
Chapter 6 Understanding Leadership – 33
Chapter 7 Roles of Elected Official – 41
Chapter 8 Head of Council – 51
Chapter 9 Council Landmines – 61
Chapter 10 Council-Management Problems – 71
Chapter 11 Governance Best Practices – 81
Chapter 12 The 12 Hallmarks – 89
Epilogue – 97


… Just writing to congratulate you on your “Guide for Municipal Leaders”. I always have found myself in complete agreement with your [George Cuff] philosophy on this topic; and I think that this book is both very necessary and extremely well done. I have purchased copies for our team and have recommended it to UBCM for its Newly Elected Officials School. I also do a fair amount of Provincial education in the field and will certainly be recommending this to all parties – Gerald Berry, City of Nanaimo, BC

… congratulations to George Cuff on compiling this valuable resource – Bernie Kreiner, CAO, Town of Hinton, AB

… you’ve released another Bible – Rick Butler, City of Iqaluit

… engagingly written book – Chip Martin, London Free Press

… It is a must read for senior government officials, senior administrators, provincial ministers and MLA’s, municipal, health and other councils’ and boards and for anyone working in or with the public sector … you will appreciate his wit and insight – Rick McDonald

… Cuff’s Guide for Municipal Leaders is packed with insights and tips from his extensive experience as a municipal employee, member of council and consultant. From the need for a prompt orientation for councillors, to the importance of the governance role of members of council and the kinds of policy question that need to be asked, to the council landmines that need to be avoided, to the 12 hallmarks of a successful councillor, this short book offers practical guidance and helpful suggestions. – Dick Tindal

… It’ll become a must-read for anyone hoping to survive and thrive in the ever-changing world of municipal politics. – David Courtemanche

… I have just finished reading George Cuff’s new book entitled “Making a Difference: Cuff’s Guide for Municipal Leaders – A survival guide for elected officials” and I believe it is a must read for all individual councillors and senior administrators. There are a myriad of good sections in this book including governance, leadership roles and council-management relationships that will be of benefit to anyone involved with municipal government. Copies can be obtained from Municipal World and I believe a memo to the members of your respective organizations would be very beneficial. Royalties received are being directed by George to a camp for disadvantaged children in NW Romania – Gerard Lewis, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland


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ISBN: 978-0-919779-62-4

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