Town & Gown: From Conflict to Cooperation


Guide to building positive relationships between the municipality and its local post-secondary schools

Universities and colleges are certainly a significant asset to their communities, yet they present a unique set of planning and community development considerations and challenges, and an increasing number of threats and negative perceptions about off-campus behaviour – especially in those near-campus neighbourhoods where students tend to concentrate. The issue is even more pressing today as university and college enrolments continue to expand – especially in North America’s larger urban centres.

The Town and Gown concept is an ideal model for identifying and dealing with these community concerns. Working with student residents, both municipal and campus representatives can move the issues of resident rights and responsibilities, inappropriate behaviour, as well as adequate and safe housing, towards an overall community vision and a climate of civility for all.

Michael Fox has been working in the field of post-secondary teaching, research and administration for over 30 years. His teaching and research have focused on university-community relations, community planning, and municipal affairs, including a wide range of consultation work on municipal strategic planning processes, town and gown relations committee work, housing issues, and small town economic development and sustainability projects.

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