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FCM Podcast Series 2024

Exclusive Interviews from 2024 FCM Conference

We’re excited to share with you our exclusive interviews from the 2024 Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual conference and trade show, held this past June in Calgary, Alta. Our Executive Editor, Greg Crone, sat down with community leaders from across the municipal space to learn more about the engaging work they do as public servants each and every day.

From net-zero communities, to land use planning, the municipal growth framework, and more, these impactful interviews will educate and engage listeners from coast to coast to coast.

Building momentum for new municipal funding

Carole Saab, chief executive officer of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, joins us to talk about the effort to bring the federal, provincial, and territorial governments to the table with a view towards a new municipal funding framework.

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Behind the scenes of the Volkswagen battery plant investment

Joe Preston, mayor of St. Thomas, joins us to give a behind the scenes glimpse into what it took to land the $14-billion Volkswagen electric vehicle battery plant for his southwestern Ontario community.

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Expanding public transit

Karen Redman, chair of Waterloo Region, joins us to talk about how the success of her community’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) system has already inspired expansion plans.

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Reforming land use planning

Mairin Loewen, a Saskatoon councillor, joins us to talk about her city’s efforts to reform land use planning in order to become eligible for federal housing funds.

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Public safety

Patrick Brown, mayor of Brampton, joins us to talk about how he is exerting pressure on the federal government to increase public safety.

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Infrastructure and housing in a large rural ward

Patty Cuttell, a Halifax councillor, joins us to talk about serving the housing and infrastructure needs of a large, largely rural ward that is part of a large city.

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