Truth Picks


Special Municipal World edition – Truth Picks: Observations on this Thing called Life – by popular MW columnist Peter de Jager.

What’s a Truth Pick you ask?
A Truth Pick is a short, sharp commentary on a popular quote or pithy saying. It is intended to extract the truth hidden within the quote that makes it worthy of repetition. Consider it a form of mental floss. Intended at first as something to share amongst a close circle of acquaintances, Peter’s Truth Picks grew in popularity until several thousand people were reading them on a daily basis.

The New York Times says, Peter de Jager has “a talent for simple metaphors and pithy pronouncements.” Here’s what our readers say:

Peter has a gift for wrapping wonderful nuggets of wisdom and philosophy in easy to understand, clear terms. He writes concisely, and with clarity. Thanks to Peter for providing these small oases of calm reflection in sometimes hectic days!

Joanne Sutton
County of Bruce, ON

Truth Picks have helped me through rough times in my life – “fear,” “change,” “promises,” “habits,” “dreams,” “decisions,” “solutions.” Truth Picks always seems to come along with just the right statement, question or philosophy I need for that phase of my life. I will continue to enjoy those “truths” as my journey through life continues.

Adele Lapointe
Stony Plain, AB

Truth picks are great. We all need a little reminder now and then of what the truth really is, and not just our own version. Keep them coming.

Noreen C. Mellema
McNab Braeside, ON

Truth Picks emails bring a welcome diversion to the workday. They make the mind wonder and the obvious stand out.

N Kunkel
Municipality of Powassan, ON

I truly appreciate the originality that Peter brings to well known quotes, buzz words and phrases. While clichés are commonly used expressions with an inherent, underlying truth, he manages to draw out that nugget of truth and highlight the wisdom inside. Low on formality and pretense, Peter gives us something to think about using everyday language. He makes big ideas accessible and concise and gently reminds us to be humble. Truth Picks are a nice light snack, that last me all day.

Cathy Gravelle
City of Kitchener, ON

ISBN: 978-0-919779-85-3

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