Cultural Planning for Creative Communities


Cultural Planning for Creative Communities is a first in Canada — a practical “how to” book on Municipal Cultural Planning and the Creative City concepts for municipalities of all sizes.

This book offers practical ideas and plans on how Canadian municipalities can adapt the emerging “fourth pillar of sustainability” into their planning, budgeting, decision making, and community leadership. It offers a proven insider’s look at forming local roundtables and community action groups for cultural planning. It details cultural mapping. It outlines the process local governments can take to implement municipal cultural planning. From public art to economic development, from rejuvenating downtowns to offering practical ideas to save heritage properties, from integrating creative city concepts into your Official Plan to attracting the creative class, this book offers it all.

The book is a must-have for municipal council members, civic administration, arts and cultural organizations, heritage groups, business leaders, and community activists. It is also a call to action for local communities frustrated with the lack of knowledge and commitment by senior governments to assist local municipalities in municipal cultural planning.

How can municipalities change? How do they compete for the bright young talent that is out there, but is more discerning and demanding than any generation before? How will municipalities increase their local assessment base? How do you galvanize your community into action?

Towns and cities in Canada are facing new and sobering responsibilities. Shrinking economies, limited local tax base, and significant shifts in the make-up of our local population mean new ways of thinking, action, and responsibilities for local government.

Cultural Planning for Creative Communities is important for municipalities of all sizes.

Approx. 140 pgs. Each book ships (while quantities last) with a bonus set of eight full-colour postcards, featuring photographs of public art from across Canada.


ISBN: 978-0-919779-89-1

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