Strategic Planning for Municipalities


Strategic Planning for Municipalities: A Users’ Guide

Too often, strategic planning is seen as a complex process, involving only senior management in the design and production of a glossy strategic plan document that is used infrequently in the running of the municipal operation. But, strategic planning has the potential to be a powerful process that catalyzes the municipal organization, bringing together the public, staff and management in the development of a common vision, direction and goals.

It can also function as an accounting mechanism, allowing the public and management to evaluate progress and ensure that the municipality is moving in the right direction. This book takes the reader step-by-step through this process, with chapters on:


  • Fundamental steps
  • Roles of council and senior management
  • Involving stakeholders in development of the plan
  • Following the plan: ensuring progress and relevance
  • Do’s and don’ts of strategic planning
  • Examples/templates from other municipalities
  • and more

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ISBN: 978-0-919779-84-6

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