Off the Cuff – Vol. 1


Off the Cuff: A collection of writings by George B. Cuff – Volume 1

This collection of writings, the first in a series, includes a sampling of the numerous columns and articles George Cuff has written over the past three decades. The articles flow out of the author’s experiences as a consultant to all three levels of government (but primarily to Canada’s local and regional leaders). These are issues on which Cuff has lectured, or which derive from actual occurrences at ground level. They reflect the real challenges of political life, and are written from an experiential point of view. These articles have been selected because they bring to bear a particular perspective on matters that Cuff believes will be most likely to benefit the reader.

The first volume includes sections on:


  • Basics of Local Government
  • Importance of Orientation
  • Governance Practices that Work
  • Importance of Council/CAO Relationship.

Published in Canada by Municipal World, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-919779-88-4

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