Life’s Lessons inside City Hall: A collection of Short Stories from the trenches


Life’s Lessons inside City Hall

A Collection of Short Stories from the Trenches

An informative and entertaining account of life in local government, this collection of short stories by George Cuff offers an amusing look at the everyday experiences inside City Hall.

While some stories will leave you laughing at what can go wrong, others will leave you shaking your head.

With roles that have included public servant, mayor, president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and consultant to countless municipalities, it is not surprising that Cuff has a few stories to share. Known for his straightforward approach to municipal government, he steps outside of his traditional role to offer snippets of wisdom and caution in this collection of attention-grabbing “tales from the trenches.”

One thing is for sure – while actual events may be “fuzzified” as Cuff states, the lessons learned certainly are not.

ISBN: 978-1-926843-19-3

Item: 0054

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