Stepping Up to the Climate Change Challenge


Edited by: Susan M. Gardner and David Noble

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a lively debate about climate change. Was it really happening? Were humans really causing it? If the wheels of global climate change were in motion, could we really influence the extent of change and its effects?

We now know that the climate change challenge is real – and there are important steps municipalities can and should be taking to successfully engage on the issue. This book highlights the important role for Canada’s local governments in contributing to climate change solutions, locally and globally.

With powerful examples from Canadian municipalities that are already leading the way, Stepping Up also highlights the theory, tools and strategies that local governments can put into practice immediately to begin mitigating climate change and better prepare their communities to adapt to the changes already evident.

Recognizing climate change as both an environmental and economic issue is essential, particularly as we think about devising strategies for our cities. With four in five Canadians living in urban areas that are centres of industrial development and major drivers of our economy, cities are a key focal point in addressing climate change. Cities need to understand how they contribute to climate change and what their vulnerabilities are, so that they can take appropriate steps. Doing so will not only yield environmental benefits, but will also protect their economic interests. This book makes an important contribution to the dialogue, sharing information from and actions taken by Canadian communities. – From the Foreword by Anne Golden, President and CEO of The Conference Board of Canada.



ISBN: 978-0-919779-86-0

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