Singapore Bling


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Municipal World offers readers something new. Local government expert Gord Hume throughout his publishing career, has focused on a tried-and-true, non-fiction approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing local government. Now, Hume has ventured into the world of fiction with sharp satire and puzzling mysteries that – as one might expect – are based inside city hall.

Singapore Bling is the third novel in Gord Hume’s “Samantha and the Sheriff” series.

A magnificent pink diamond necklace worth a fortune. A secretive new Asian crypto currency. And two smooth-talking international con artists who abscond with millions. Samantha and her Sheriff are quickly thrust into the mystery and history of Southeast Asia when their relentless pursuit of the crooks who stole from their friends takes them to Singapore.

The usual wild and crazy bunch of Florida characters, and the intrigues of city hall politics, provides a sharp contrast to the rigid society of Singapore as Samantha navigates the treacherous waters of international crime. Laughs and thrills abound as she and the Sheriff risk all to recover their friends’ lost treasures.


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