Cossacks and Caviar – Gord Hume


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Samantha And The Sheriff Are Back!

Samantha and her two BFFs are terrorizing the high seas in this raucous and hilarious adventure.

Quickly nicknamed ‘The Troika of Terror’ by the cruise ship’s staff, the three women soon become involved in rescuing a secret family heirloom: a rare treasure that the world hasn’t seen for a hundred years.

Fleeing from Russian secret agents while protecting this priceless jewel puts Samantha’s life in danger. As they sail the stormy international waters, the attacks never stop – nor does the humor and fun for readers.

In this sixth novel in the “Samantha and the Sheriff” series that has become such a delight to fans, all the favorites are back – Perk, The Wives, and of course, Rosie the beloved dog who never met a treat she didn’t like.

Readers will laugh out loud at the political and social satire even as they can’t stop devouring this exciting page-turning thriller from series author Gord Hume.

Approx. Pages: 216

ISBN: 978-1-77257-409-8

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