Martinis & Manicures – Gord Hume


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Municipal World offers readers something new. Local government expert Gord Hume throughout his publishing career, has focused on a tried-and-true, non-fiction approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing local government. Now, Hume has ventured into the world of fiction with sharp satire and puzzling mysteries that – as one might expect – are based inside city hall.

Martinis & Manicures is the fourth novel in Gord Hume’s “Samantha and the Sheriff” series.

Samantha and the Sheriff are back again. A series of bombings disrupts a vital new high-rise development, turbulent lies and leaks take their toll at city hall, and explosive action in a seniors’ residence mean more thrills and excitement.

The Florida Gulf Coast is once again a steamy brew of intrigue, shocking murders, sizzling relationships, and quirky characters. Samantha and her two girlfriends are thrown into this maelstrom, and even Rosie the loveable dog can’t help Samantha when she finds herself in the Sheriff’s doghouse.

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