Sapphire Blue


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Municipal World offers readers something new. Local government expert Gord Hume throughout his publishing career, has focused on a tried-and-true, non-fiction approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing local government. Now, Hume has ventured into the world of fiction with sharp satire and puzzling mysteries that – as one might expect – are based inside city hall.

Sapphire Blue is the first novel in Gord Hume’s “Samantha and the Sheriff” series.

Samantha Summers flees a New York City winter after her bitter divorce and ends up in a small city along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Suddenly and shockingly, Samantha becomes the primary suspect in a bloody murder.

At the same time, deep corruption inside Port Manatee city hall is threatening the peace and stability of the city. As she fights to save her reputation and beat the murder rap, Samantha discovers the con men that roam Florida preying on the innocent and learns that not all the sharks live in the Gulf.

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