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Boost sales and help affordable housing providers save

Presented by Jeff Blunt
in Housing

Five ways to save in the affordable housing sphere

Sponsored by Enbridge Gas

As you work with affordable housing providers to help improve their housing stock, there are many advantages to bringing Enbridge Gas in at the planning stage, including:

  • reinforced estimated savings;
  • complimentary consultation on projects; and
  • incentives to help offset costs.

Here are five ways the Affordable Multi-Family Housing program adds value.

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1. Solutions Tailored to Needs and Budgets

Affordable housing operates within limited annual budgets. Because every decision comes down to cost efficiency, generous incentives are available. Enbridge Gas can identify the right technology and apply an incentive to help build a better business case for approvals.

2. Assistance with Project Planning

Whether planning for the long term or short term, or operating with a tight budget, a comprehensive solution can always be found. This extra support can go a long way in getting approvals from their boards.

3. Credibility from a Trusted Brand

Housing providers need to trust that you are making the right recommendation for their needs.

Enbridge Gas has been delivering incentive programs for 25 years and customers often say how much they appreciate our team’s honesty.

4. Easy Process for Inventive Eligibility

Contractors and housing providers can be very busy. From design assistance to verifying savings, the process is simple. And, everything will be taken care of – even the paperwork.

5. Lower the Cost Barriers for Housing Providers

Affordable housing providers are passionate about what they do and the people they serve, but budgets can make it difficult to move ahead with certain building improvements. Incentives not only lower the upfront cost of the equipment, but can reduce energy and operating costs year over year.

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Benefits of the Affordable Multi-Family Housing Program

The Affordable Multi-Family Housing program provides incentives for high-efficiency equipment upgrades to reduce energy costs, increase resident comfort, and keep buildings running optimally.

Who is eligible?

  • Social and municipal housing providers
  • Shelters and co-ops
  • Rent-geared-to-income housing
  • Eligible private market-rate multi-family buildings

What are the incentives?

  • Up to $8,000 for an energy assessment – Maximum of $40,000 per housing provider
  • Up to $200,000 in incentives for energy-efficient technologies – Boilers, water heaters, make-up air units, and energy/heat recovery ventilators
  • Free in-suite upgrades – Low-flow showerheads and heat reflector panels

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Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Advisor Jeff Blunt helps affordable and eligible private market-rate housing providers improve their buildings with incentives and expert help.

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