Who’s Driving the Grader? and other governance questions


Who’s Driving the Grader? (and other governance questions)

by Ian McCormack

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It’s time to pull the curtain back on local government. Answering the question “what is good governance?” shouldn’t come with the baggage of exhaustive platitudes. Life moves too fast nowadays.

In Who’s Driving the Grader?, Ian McCormack aims to separate the wheat from the chaff. He explains the core principles needed to steer today’s leaders from an uninspired abyss.

Accountability, clarity of purpose, openness? McCormack asks the question: “What is missing from your community?”

Buzz words have had their day. And echo chambers have led local institutions on a wild goose chase. The stick and carrot are now held by individuals stuck inside their own feedback loop. McCormack suggests that “common sense” is another overused casualty of this wayward divide.

Who’s Driving the Grader? is a call to action for a renewed sense of leadership. Cultivated and community-sensed ideas are coming out to play in the real world. But the people generating these ideas are often the least interested in stepping up to the plate. McCormack wants to change that.

Each chapter is anything but mundane, drawing from real-life encounters in local government. McCormack puts a passionate and humorous spin on the modern issues facing municipalities.

Nuggets of wisdom and takeaways abound in this book. Public officials will find it insightful and helpful. And it will also be inspirational for anyone interested in local government.

With a foreword by local government legend George Cuff, this book offers a valuable shock of insight and nuance for local leaders.

ISBN: 978-1-926843-46-9

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