The Mayor


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How do mayors lead? Local government veteran and former mayor George Cuff sets off to tackle the significant aspects tethered to the esteemed public office.

Starting with the basics and effortlessly transitioning to nuance, his new book The Mayor explores the challenges, impacts, and informal power attached to the leadership role. Drawing from his own experiences as mayor, Cuff offers a roadmap for aspiring city officials with an interest in taking on the weight and responsibility of mayor.

Mayors from across Canada also share their experiences, insights, and reflections on the accomplishments they are most proud of during their time in office – including commentary from John Tory, Dawn Arnold, and many more! Pick up this masterful guidebook for your 2021 collection.

“Regardless of personal style issues or leadership inadequacies, the mayor is the community’s leader in good times and when the weather is grey. Each has their own strengths and their own weaknesses. Each will be judged by the light and weight of history as times unfold.”

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ISBN: 978-1-926843-49-0

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