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The new face of city leadership understands the value of collaboration

Canada is in the middle of a substantial transformation – possibly the most substantial transformation in all of Canadian history. According to the United Nations, ...

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New Smart Cities Challenge database provides a treasure trove of municipal insights

With over 125 submissions from almost 200 communities across Canada, the Smart Cities Challenge jurists will have their work cut out for them. Finalists will ...

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Who speaks for council?

I was asked recently about the legitimacy of a council member speaking to a community issue on which the council had not yet taken a ...

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Provincial north faces unique challenges but potential for a bright future exists

“Innovation is one of the greatest job killers in Canadian society …” began Dr. Ken Coates, the keynote speaker at the Federation of Northern Ontario ...

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Councillors behaving badly

Is there an epidemic of municipal councillors behaving inappropriately? In recent years, news stories have told increasing tales of offside behaviour by councillors and heads ...

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The Food and Organic Waste Framework: The shift to a circular economy in Ontario

Ontario's Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change recently released The Food and Organic Waste Framework, which outlines the province's shift to a circular economy. ...

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Virginia Beach uses voice and data science to strengthen community preparedness

As sea levels rise and storm surges from hurricanes and Nor’easters become more common, community preparedness for flooding is a top priority for the City ...

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Request for what? Re-thinking the RFP process

A Requests for Proposal (RFP) can be a lengthy and confusing process for both staff and vendors. In Philadelphia, a city staff team conducted several ...

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Calgary is digging in – Cultivating a culture of innovation

In a world that is increasingly complex, volatile, and networked, the City of Calgary is building teams of people who know that, while we can't ...

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Change your culture, change your life

Does culture really eat strategy for lunch? A highly motivated team of city staff have answered this age-old question and will challenge you to think ...

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