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Municipal World is the oldest continuously published monthly municipal magazine in the world. Founded in 1891, the magazine is devoted to promoting effective municipal government.

This site features important information about local government, details about Municipal World's products and services, and links to other local government resources.

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Management Zone

Think It, Build It!

Peter de Jager

What happens when a fantastical idea in science fiction leaps from the page and sets up shop in the real world? That’s a “What if?” question we don’t ask often enough; and, when we do, we rarely arrive at all the possible answers – never mind the right answers. Predicting the impact of a technological advance is difficult, if not simply impossible.

Consider the consequences of introducing antibiotics into medical practice. They certainly achieved the first goal of significantly reducing mortality due to infections. Yet, I’m not aware of any predictions about how they, and evolution, would interact and result in superbugs (a not insignificant result).



If you’re going to attract the talent, investment and entrepreneurs to create new, good jobs in the fast-paced business climate of today, the quality of the public realm and the urban experience are important factors. So are the community’s commitments to the environment, greening the city, energy efficiency, and providing lovely urban places and spaces. – Gord Hume, author, Places and Spaces.

Read this article in the August 2014 Energy issue of Municipal World magazine.

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Feature Items

ONTARIO VOTING KITS - No acclamations for the 2014 Ontario municipal election? Order your VOTING KITS now! You won't find them in our shopping cart, so call and let our election-trained staff walk you through the process! Call 1-888-368-6125 extension 200 for Katie or extension 207 for Beth. For other essential election supplies, visit our shopping cart or call today.

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Ballot Boxes – Item 1349 - 14 1/4" long; 8 3/4" wide x 20" deep, with slot for ballot insertion measuring 10" x ½"

Ontario Municipal Election Forms

Nomination Form 1210, Prescribed Form 1 Nomination Paper - (Revised 2014) - Order now from our online Shopping Cart
Application to Amend Voters' List, Form 1203 - Order now from our online Shopping Cart
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Appointment of voting proxy, Form 1220 - Prescribed Form 3 - Order now from our online Shopping Cart
Nomination d'un mandataire, Form 1220F - Prescribed Formulaire 3 - Order now from our online Shopping Cart

Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Forms – now available from Municipal World in hard copy versions (NCR multi-part format) approved by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Order through our online Shopping Cart or call 1-888-368-6125, ext 200.

Form 224 – Program Application to be used by beekeepers for damage to honey bee colonies – 4 pages - 3-part form
Form 225 – Municipal Application to be used by the municipality – 2 pages - 2-part form
Form 226 – Program Application to be used by all livestock and poultry owners and valuers – 4 pages - 3-part form
Form 227 – Affidavit to be taken by any person claiming to have livestock or poultry killed or injured by dogs – 1 page - 2-part form

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Developing a Municipal Communications Policy
Media veteran and author Ian Chadwick talks about the municipal communications policy and the communications officer - why it's important to have theses assets in place, and how they can work to protect the organization when a story unexpectedly breaks.

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Feature Profile

Dr. Greg Baeker is a nationally recognized leader in integrated cultural plans for cities. He is a Director at Millier Dickinson Blais and founder of AuthentiCity, a Division of Millier Dickinson Blais.

Greg has completed cultural plans for cities of all sizes in Ontario and other parts of Canada. These range from large urban centres such as Toronto (he is co-author with Glen Murray and Pauline Couture of the Creative City Planning Framework for the City of Toronto); to small rural areas (his Cultural Strategic Plan for Prince Edward County in Ontario received a top award from the Economic Developers Council of Ontario in 2006).


Feature Books

Places and Spaces (Gord Hume) Item 0056

How municipalities design their public realm strongly influences their economy and culture.

There is an instinctual desire by people for beauty and peace in their surroundings.

Places and spaces help to shape the civility of cities and the people in them.

These are just some of the provocative themes in Gord Hume’s latest municipal masterpiece, Places and Spaces. How cities compete in the global economy is affected by their physical realm and local planning decisions.

Through in-depth interviews with leading experts around the world, Gord deftly weaves a compelling blueprint for livable, prosperous and sustainable cities. Places and Spaces is a sharply-conceived analysis of how the public and private realms intersect – and often collide.

To place your order, call our toll-free order hotline 1-888-368-6125 or order online

Municipal Election Law 2014 (Ontario Legislation) Item 1278

All amendments up currency date have been incorporated in this easy-to-use, spiral bound codified edition of the Act. Election calendar (separate chapter) provides important 2014/2015 deadlines from the Ontario Municipal Elections Act, 1996 and other related statutes and regulations. Contents classified by subject in alphabetical order. Appendices and Index.
Approx. 174 pgs. Price: $24.95 Shipping, handling and applicable taxes extra.

Order online. Or, to place your order by telephone, call our toll-free order hotline 888-368-6125.

Having the right information can give you a distinct advantage. Municipal World offers a complete line of books on elections, municipal management and governance to give you the edge you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced municipal environment. Download our BookShop Catalogue or call 519-633-0031 or toll free 1-888-368-6125, ext 200 to request a copy. Visit our BookShop website.

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