Welcome To The Hall: A practical guide for municipal leaders


Praise for Welcome to the Hall

“James Ridge’s excellent book captures the essence of municipal government as it actually operates, as well as the key issues faced, and should be a must read for municipal councillors, municipal staff, municipal candidates, and the public.” – WALTER MULKEWICH, former Councillor and Mayor of the City of Burlington

“This book should be on the shelf of every CAO and municipal councillor in Canada. Local government is closest to the people of our country, has arguably the most day to day impact on people’s lives, and is one where, if you want to make a meaningful contribution, you can absolutely do so. With leadership comes responsibility and James Ridge thoughtfully guides CAOs and councillors on their responsibilities with often humourous lessons learned (the good, the bad, and yes the ugly).” – MARY LOU TANNER, CIP, former Chief Planner, Deputy City Manager

“James takes a steady look at the ever-changing dynamics of municipal government. His knowledge, stories and advice are insightful and valuable for new CAOs and those aspiring to the position. And it certainly makes for good reading as he weaves his humour, experiences and opinions throughout the book.” – MAUREEN McCAULEY, P.Eng, Executive Director, Ontario Municipal Administrators’ Association

Welcome To The Hall: A practical guide for municipal leaders

Written by local government veteran James Ridge, Welcome to the Hall: A Practical Guide for Municipal Leaders dives into the multitude of responsibilities involved with leading Canada’s municipalities today.

In addition to sharing personal anecdotes from his long career in local government (which includes serving as City Manager in Burlington and as Deputy City Manager in Vancouver), Ridge also highlights some key lessons learned throughout his career.

Municipal leaders – mayors, councillors, CAOs, and more – will find his stories both relatable and insightful, as he details the challenges and rewards of public service, acknowledging the importance of their work as they shape the social, economic, cultural, and environmental fabric of communities across the country for decades to come.

Whether you’re a veteran yourself or a newcomer to the field seeking a better understanding of local government responsibilities, this book is a great read.

ISBN: 978-1-926843-44-5

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