Tucker Goes to City Hall: A Kid’s Guide to Local Government


Tucker Goes to City Hall: A Kid’s Guide to Local Government

by Jill Lewis & George B. Cuff

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Who says local government is just for adults? It’s never too early to start learning about what makes your city tick. Wrapped in a fun and easy-to-read chapter book, Tucker Goes to City Hall is the perfect way to introduce lessons about local government.

Join Charles and his dog Tucker on an an adventure that takes them around the City of Excellence – and down to city hall. The mayor, along with a team of city staff, help them find out more about local government.

Written by local government legend George Cuff and daughter Jill Lewis, this book opens the door for kids to understand how municipalities work. Young readers will enjoy this fun and exciting tale, woven over the backdrop of the local stage.

Tucker Goes to City Hall is truly the essential guide to local government – for kids!

ISBN: 978-1-926843-47-6

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This book is suitable for Grade 3 and up.

For educators:

Tucker’s Tales is a short story intended to give students a look at local government. Through the eyes of a young boy and his dog, Tucker, the reader will get a better idea of what local governments “do.”

Kids will discover how a city or town or county in Canada functions, without the dryness that such a topic often conveys. In the classroom, we hope this book will be an excellent companion to any formal textbook material you are using. Together, they should help support a better understanding of local government.

This story is told through the eyes and imagination of Tucker. What he sees and hears is not always what Tucker’s owner and friend, Charles, sees and hears.

But as best friends, they enjoy their summer vacation together. They also learn some valuable insights along the way.

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About the Authors

Jill Lewis is the illustrator and co-author of Tucker’s Tales. She is married with two grown daughters. She is a registered nurse who loves pets, particularly her miniature schnoodle. (A schnoodle is part schnauzer and part poodle, which Tucker is based on.) She has also organized and taught pre-school children.

George B. Cuff, FCMC, is a recognized name in local government across Canada. He’s authored nine books and a multitude of articles. He’s delivered seminars and conducted studies on countless local governments across this country. Arliss and George are the parents of three girls, including the co-author of this book, Jill. Arliss, Jill, and George live in Spruce Grove, Alberta.