Places and Spaces (epub)


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The fact is, the ability of cities to compete in the global economy is affected by their physical realm and local planning decisions.

  • How municipalities design their public realm strongly influences their economy and culture.
  • There is an instinctual desire by people for beauty and peace in their surroundings.
  • Places and spaces help to shape the civility of cities and the people in them.

These are just some of the provocative themes in Places and Spaces.

It offers a sharply-conceived analysis of how the public and private realms intersect – and often collide – digging deep into contemporary issues, including:

  • Why people fall out of love with their city.
  • How public places and spaces are becoming the new urban living room.
  • Planning regulations don’t make sense if they aren’t creating great cities.
  • How to save our suburbs.
  • Are municipalities rolling out the red carpet – or the red tape?

Through in-depth interviews with leading experts around the world, Places and Spaces lays out a path for creating livable, prosperous and sustainable cities.

Approx. 175 pages

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