Municipal Ethics Regimes – 2nd Edition


Brimming with new information from across the country, including revised legislation and updated details on various lobbying and ombudsman services, this second edition is a must-read for anyone looking to understand today’s requirements for ethical conduct, justice, and fairness in local government.

Canadian municipalities faced with ethical challenges, as well as the ethically challenged, are at an important juncture. Increased public concern with the conduct of municipal government and administration have led several provinces to change municipal legislation to either reflect new concerns or to allow for the creation of new ethics mechanisms.

Ethics regimes encompass different philosophical and social concerns, as well as different practical mechanisms for dealing with ethics problems. This book explores three areas of concern and their associated mechanisms at the local order of government: integrity, codes of conduct, and ethics and integrity commissioners; lobbying, lobbyist registration, and lobbyist registrars; and, administrative justice, administrative justice codes, and ombudsmen. Taking a pan-Canadian approach, while being sensitive to varying municipal and local government legislation and frameworks across Canada, this book outlines key features of these regimes and offers practical information for and insight into designing and implementing effective ethics mechanisms at the municipal order of government.

Approx. 142 pages.

Published in Canada by Municipal World, Inc.


The appendices in this book contain a number of models of by-laws, codes, checklists, and forms. They are models only and are suggestive of issues and methods that municipalities may wish to use. Municipalities must determine which if any have utility to them and must put them in a form that is consistent with their own by-laws, resolutions, and policies, and that is also consistent with provincial legislation in their respective provinces.

Appendix A – Code of Conduct
Appendix B – Complaint System
Appendix C – Lobbyist Registration
Appendix D – Code of Conduct for Lobbyists
Appendix E – Administrative Justice Codes & Fairness Checklists
Appendix F – Ombudsman Complaint Systems


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ISBN: 978-1-926843-36-0

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