Leading: The Real Value of a Mayor and Council


George B. Cuff – Leading: The Real Value of a Mayor and Council

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The approach to local government across North America needs a reboot. It is stuck in a model that is aged, stale, and generally redundant. It is premised on the largely erroneous and self-serving notion that municipalities are plagued by inadequate management and that those elected are therefore expected to “help” administrators in their day-to-day activities. Thus, says George Cuff, rather than fulfilling the purpose of elected officials, that of leading and oversight, the role has morphed into doing.

As a result, municipalities are not nearly as well served as they ought to be because their elected leaders have, in many instances, determined they would rather be the managers. Far too much effort and time is spent on how staff can do a better job in their roles, without recognizing that, in order to do so, elected officials need to concentrate on where they add value.

This book tries to move local government leaders toward a new mould: that of truly acting as leaders.


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