Leading: The Real Value of a Mayor and Council


The Municipal World Best Seller, “Leading: The Real Value of a Mayor and Council” by George Cuff, is back on shelves.  Don’t miss out and order yours today.

Municipal management guru George Cuff makes a compelling argument that municipalities today are not nearly as well served as they should be – because their elected leaders have, in many instances, determined they would rather be the managers. As a result, far too much effort and time is being spent on how staff can do a better job in their roles, without recognizing that, in order to do so, elected officials need to concentrate on where they add value.

Leading others is a simple yet profound duty and privilege, writes Cuff, as he digs into questions around leadership and what it requires from those who step forward at the local level.

Will you embrace the challenge?

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ISBN: 978-1-926843-39-1

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