Future Proofing By Design


Future Proofing by Design: Creating Better Services and Teams in the Public Sector Through Design Thinking

Future proofing is about reframing your futurePublic sector organizations are constantly challenged with changing environments, complex socio-economic issues, and shifting policy direction. Organizations and their teams need to be agile, resilient and future-proof.Enter design thinkingDesign thinking is a human-centered approach that provides the structure and the tools to turn challenges into opportunities. It helps to increase innovation, build resilience, and create efficiencies. Design thinking excels at distilling a complicated challenge into clearer, more manageable problems. It also helps to identify and ensure user needs are at the core of each phase of the design process. It stimulates teamwork and collaboration, while mitigating uncertainty and future shocks.This book introduces the key steps of design thinking to give your team confidence in using this systematic design approach to creative problem-solving at work. Equipped with real-world examples, it provides guidance for implementing a user-centric design to deliver the best possible services and solutions.ISBN 978-1-7387679-1-5 (Paperback)

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Nilufer Erdebil is an award-winning design thinking and innovation expert and a TEDx and TEC speaker. She is the CEO of Spring2 Innovation, and has been a catalyst for innovation for over 25 years. She has worked extensively with public and private sector organizations to drive strategy, facilitate change, and introduce new products and services. Her experience working within different fields including telecommunications, application development, program management, and IT management give her a deep understanding of the business challenges today’s organizations are faced with.