10 Trends For Smarter Communities


The World is Changing For Our Communities

From leadership to technology, from innovative ways of financing municipalities to huge social trends that are changing our communities and our countries, 10 Trends for Smarter Communities opens new windows for municipalities on how they are going to grow and prosper in coming decades.

This timely book explores 10 big, important new challenges facing our towns and cities – and does so without pulling any punches:

  • Municipalities have this tsunami of change coming at them, yet we have councillors fretting about chickens in backyards.
  • Too often municipalities are sitting at the kid’s table while the Prime Minister and the Premiers carve the golden turkey
  • Cynicism is rampant in politics today. The vitriol increases, civility is abandoned. The public is left fuming and frustrated.

Too many politicians pay lip service to building strong cities, but don’t back it up with powerful action. This book sets out clearly the need for change, the importance of local councillors and bureaucrats understanding and leading change, and how municipalities can become the most important order of government.

Comprehensively researched and thoughtfully presented, this fascinating book will make politicians, administrators, and local leaders think hard about the direction and future of their communities.

“Planning for the future always scares the timid of today … Forging ahead successfully despite opposition and challenges is what leadership is all about.”

10 Trends for Smarter Communities is a must-read for people who aspire to build great local communities and position their municipality to successfully compete in the global marketplace for talent, investment, and prosperity.

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ISBN: 978-1-926843-03-2

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