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The future of risk management insurance

Insurance is important – everyone needs it. With that in mind, engaging with municipalities is the first step to understanding what they need to face what the future will bring, including the risk management strategies needed to get them there. This was the message shared with Municipal World CEO Susan Gardner during the 2018 JLT Canada Public Sector Summit, in The Blue Mountains, Ontario.

Gardner sat down with Meghan Callaghan, JLT Canada Public Sector Lead, to sum up the 2018 conference experience and look ahead to the future, including the importance of continuously developing risk management and loss control services. JLT Canada is a member of JLT Group, one of the world’s leading providers of insurance, reinsurance, and employee benefits related advice, brokerage, and associated services.

Callaghan said she and the entire JLT Canada team were “incredibly proud” of the 2018 event, which was their second. The first year, she explained, the focus was trying to get municipalities thinking about the issues that will be facing them today and into the future. The conference was launched to provide attendees with a forum that engaged attendees and helped them plan for whatever risks were “coming down the pathway for them.”

During her conversation with Gardner, Callaghan predicted a “big year” for JLT Canada as the company continues to develop its risk management and loss control consulting services.

Callaghan explained a point of pride for JLT Canada, as a build up to the next summit, was to continue undertaking regional professional development days. These allow the company to work with municipalities and examine the “granular risk concerns,” whether motor vehicle accidents, road maintenance, volunteers, waivers, or HR issues. These discussions all build to the next summit where the focus shifts to examining larger issues.

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