Guide to Good Municipal Governance


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Guide to Good Municipal Governance is written specifically to help councils and staff in their challenging task of governing Canada’s municipalities.

This Guide is the outgrowth of four decades of workshops for municipal councils and staff. It is a distillation of insights gained from the discussions during these workshops, along with many years of research and writing about municipal government.

Examples of municipal best practices from across Canada are used to illustrate the keys to good governance described in this Guide.

The authors – C. Richard Tindal and Susan Nobes Tindal – provide a thoughtful analysis on a wide range of issues facing municipalities including:

  • stategic planning and identification of priorities
  • municipal service delivery review
  • performance measurement
  • public engagement
  • opportunities for partnerships
  • values and ethics
  • a protocol for effective council-staff relations

Approx. 124 pgs.

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