Guide to Good Municipal Governance


Your Guide to Navigating the Landscape of Municipal Governance

Newly updated for 2024, the Guide to Good Municipal Governance – Revised Second Edition is written specifically to support councils and staff in their challenging tasks of governing Canada’s municipalities. This revised Second Edition provides references and examples of good governance initiatives for today’s modern municipal council.

This edition addresses a variety of high-value subjects, including:

  • The integration of technology in measurement and management
  • Strategic planning and priority setting
  • Innovative approaches employed by municipalities.
  • Further methods of informing and engaging with the public
  • Additional examples of partnerships, including those with educational institutions
  • The importance of values, with a special emphasis on ethical values
  • Protocols for effective council-staff relations
  • The potential and limits of codes of conduct
  • Latest insights; stay abreast of current and relevant information in the field.

About the Authors
C. Richard Tindal (PhD) and Susan Nobes Tindal (M.Ed, LL.B) are co-authors of Local Government in Canada, now in its 9th edition. They have carried out extensive consulting projects including organizational reviews, restructuring studies, strategic planning exercises, development of training manuals, and presentation of seminars and workshops.

Approx. 124 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-926843-54-4
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