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The simple power of real-time data in the field

Presented by Carly Thackray
in Technology
May, 2024

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In 2022, the Town of Cobourg moved building permits online to access real-time data. This ushered in a new era of efficiency.

“Our builders can use Cloudpermit as their tracking system for their development,” said Dave Hancock, chief building official for the Town of Cobourg. “The software provides insights into permits, ongoing reviews, inspection outcomes, and granted occupancy permits.”

The town’s builders greatly appreciate and find the software easy to use, Hancock said. Builders and architects benefit from improved convenience with greater data availability. They no longer need to call or email the office to find project updates, which saves valuable time.

“Builders receive real-time notifications with a simple click in the field on our end,” Hancock said. “We highly value being able to keep our community informed while promoting stronger collaboration and accountability.”

Break Free from Repetition

Before they adopted a cloud-based community development software, staff had to perform the same tasks multiple times.

“Our previous software lacked real-time functionality,” Hancock said. “We had to return to the office to reinput the same work we did in the field. Often, we then had to email applicants with the same information. Now, we can enter our notes directly into our software from the field and automatically send notifications to applicants.”

This shift to online building permits has improved data accessibility. It has also empowered Cobourg’s staff to work more productively in the field with tablets and phones. They enter notes, upload photos, send messages, and keep builders informed without needing to travel back to the office.

Simplify Inspections

Cobourg’s building inspectors perform mobile inspections for streamlined workflows.

“Every morning, our staff looks at their online dashboard to see their tasks and messages in one place,” Hancock said. “Our team performs mobile, on-site inspections. We can keep drawings with us, issue occupancy, pass an inspection, and add notes all within the same software on site.”

Hancock said that there is incredible value in modernized community development.

“It’s powerful to stay proactive in the field,” he said. “We always strive for continuous improvement in our building department. Cloudpermit has allowed us to reach greater levels of success with real-time data accessibility. Now, we work on building permits and inspections once with improved convenience and simplicity.”

To learn more about how to stay proactive in the field, visit cloudpermit.comMW

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Carly Thackray is Cloudpermit’s marketing and communications manager.

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