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Keeping Your Teams Aligned

When wheels on a vehicle are not aligned, there is a lot of wear on the tires and excess fuel used. It takes a lot of physical energy to avoid going off the road!

The same applies to both the behavioural and strategic alignment imperative among and between elected officials, management, and staff. Join this interactive session to ensure your ‘local, regional, Metis or Indigenous government’ vehicle is aligned.

Why You Should Attend

Enhance your ability to navigate council/staff relations through ‘real life’ discussions with elected and administrative peers from local, regional Metis and Indigenous government. You will gain techniques, guidelines, and ideas to make a leadership difference in your organization:

  • Roles Matrix to guide elected official and staff responsibilities
  • Local Government Framework to assess processes and systems
  • Good Government Checklist to monitor organizational excellence

Gordon McIntosh

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Gordon McIntosh, CLGM who has over 40 years of management, educator, and consultancy experience within local government. Gordon has conducted over 1,400 training sessions involving more than 150,000 elected/appointed officials and staff from regional, local, and Indigenous governments throughout Canada and overseas.

Joining Gordon for this exciting session will be:

  • Mayor Rebecca Alty & City Manager Sheila Bassi-Kellet focusing on the Mayor/CAO relationship and leadership roles
  • Christina Benty (governance consultant) covers the behavioural aspects of the political/administrative interface
  • Ian McCormack (strategic/governance consultant) offers insights to the strategic alignment imperative of effective council/staff relations

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