The Leadership Crisis (ePub)


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The Leadership Crisis

A compelling look at the biggest issues facing local governments, and what it takes to be the leader that your community needs – and deserves.

The Leadership Crisis cracks open the rarely-studied field of local government leadership, sharing new research about attitudes and opinions from municipal elected and administrative officials across Canada, and revealing startling insights and deep divisions inside our city halls.

This book places leadership under the microscope, examining:

  • the “7 Cs” of leadership;
  • three enormous, emerging issues that will influence government leadership in the future;
  • the community debacle when some mayors and elected officials become corrupt and face public humiliation for them and their city; and
  • strategies for developing and encouraging smarter leadership for tomorrow.


This remarkable book bluntly confronts cases of corruption and inept elected officials in Canadian local government. It also delves into the stories of three Canadian municipalities that were plunged into crises, and the examples of extraordinary local leadership that emerged. For the first time, the municipal leaders who navigated through those difficult times and tragedies talk about what they went through personally, the challenges they faced, and the takeaways that other communities can learn from.

What Readers Said

“Just finished your latest book and again, wow! Thank you so much for your dedication to helping people like me make sense of this business we are in. I think I’ve read all of your books, but this one has come at the absolute perfect time, as I just declared my candidacy for mayor. Thank you!”

“Congratulations on once again authoring a very important piece of literature that gives focus to what is needed to drive cities forward today. The perspective you offer and the leaders you chose bring great heft to the teachings contained in the book.”

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