Measuring up: An Evaluation Toolkit for Local Government with CDROM


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When governments take the initiative to determine how they are “measuring up,” they help ensure that citizens are always getting the best possible service that their tax dollars can buy.

In his new book, ”Measuring Up: An evaluation toolkit for local governments” management consultant Charles Bens provides a set of more than 30 surveys that can be used to help create an ongoing bottomline for the public sector. By paying close attention to “what matters,” says Bens, your municipality can work towards meeting or exceeding the expectations of its citizens.

Divided in six parts, the toolkit includes surveys for assessing community and planning; citizens and candidates; overall organization; decision making; personnel; as well as guidelines for using evaluation surveys.

Approx. 200 pages, plus CD-ROM.

ISBN: 978-0-919779-63-1

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