Getting Cities Right


Getting Cities Right

A blueprint for creating a better future for our cities & towns

There are two great tectonic shifts happening in government right now – first, a very different and difficult political climate; and second, a vast technology revolution that is changing jobs, business, lives and municipalities.

Getting Cities Right offers a bold and intrepid look at the current political environment globally, and how that impacts local governments.  And, it shares a thoughtful and challenging analysis of the new technology that is changing how we live and work – and how municipalities will do business.

Getting Cities Right is about the future of local government in the face of these challenges.  It is about creating modern urban centres that will flourish by embracing innovation, technology, and a more global perspective.  It is about getting cities right. 

From Artificial Intelligence, to the Internet of Things, to Sentient Tools, to Robots and Bots, this exciting new book offers reader a heady picture of the changes that are coming. These opportunities are contrasted against the stark reality how city halls and municipalities have been operated and managed in the past, and against global political uncertainties that loom large in the background.

The Question …

“This is the question hanging over every election in the western world right now … Have common sense and good taste been trumped by bombast, bullying, and bizarre behaviour?  Are we now living in a media and political world of ‘alternative facts’ and ‘post-truth’? …  In this nasty and brutish atmosphere, many believe that mayors are now the most pragmatic and innovative leaders, and productive municipal councils the most effective elected bodies.”

This is the time to question the traditional rules of how our towns and cities have been financed, governed, and operated. Highlighting weakness in everything from the property tax system to local government’s legislative powers, the book argues that cities can be the new leaders in innovation and creative ideas – but need to have more authority if they are to thrive.

In-depth interviews with four leading mayors from around the world are a highlight of this must-read book.  These political veterans share their unique insights and strong beliefs about improving local government.  While their comments are blunt and sometimes controversial, they will provide readers with dramatic insight.

Looking Ahead …

“The importance of cities has never been more apparent; the problems confronting cities never more serious; and the opportunities for urban success never more possible.”


ISBN: 978-1-926843-20-9

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