Electing Better Politicians: A Citizen’s Guide


This guide is offered as an easy-to-use resource for all voters – regardless of political philosophy – setting out specific criteria for evaluating candidates, complete with “scorecards” for use in this process. In addition, issues at the local, provincial and federal levels are examined, as are the special considerations that apply in comparing new candidates against incumbents.

Voting is just one of the important responsibilities that people should fulfill as part of being a good citizen, however. This guide therefore includes a tool for citizens to evaluate themselves, as well as a resource list and suggestions on steps we can all take to keep our governments accountable.

The fact is, if we don’t improve our own performance as citizens, there is very little chance we will really be able to improve the quality of the people we elect to represent us. We really do get the government we deserve, every time.

Approx. 142 pgs.




ISBN: 978-0-919779-66-2

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