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City of Victoria Jobs

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City Hall in beautiful downtown Victoria is located on the corner of Pandora Avenue and Douglas Street and shares this property with the capital of British Columbia. The city is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off the Pacific coast and has a population of 85,792 residents while the metropolitan area of Greater Victoria has a population of 367,770, which makes it the 15th most populous Canadian city (metropolitan area). Victoria is the 7th most densely populated city in Canada with 4,405.8 people per square kilometer. This population density presents some unique challenges to the municipal government, infrastructure and the city’s transportation requirements. The City Council consists of the mayor plus eight councillors. A deputy mayor is appointed monthly. The councillors are not neighbourhood specific but rather councilors-at-large, elected for the entire city. The city has a very active tourism industry with multiple seaports, passenger ferries and an international airport.