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Commute Ontario Logo

Commute Ontario is a program of SustainMobility, designed to encourage commuters in the province of Ontario to adopt healthy and sustainable transportation options. Our goal is to eliminate 20,000,000 km of vehicle travel over the next three years.

Simply put, we want to see more Ontarians walking, cycling, taking public transit and carpooling to and from work rather than driving alone each day. Changing commute behaviour will have a significant impact on reducing harmful emissions and creating a healthier, happier Ontario. When individuals choose sustainable and active travel options they improve their health and well-being while reducing traffic congestion and eliminating harmful emissions that contribute to poor air quality and global warming.

Commute Ontario is partnering with municipalities across the province to inspire daily physical activity, improve air quality and ease traffic congestions.

Our goal is simple – we want commuters across the province to try sustainable, healthy travel options. Each individual trip using a sustainable travel mode contributes to a healthier environment and a healthier you.