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What’s Black & White, and Grey All Over?

with Gordon McIntosh

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The Political Administrative Interface

When the wheels on a vehicle are not aligned, excess fuel, tire wear and driver fatigue occur. Misalignment among elected officials and between council and staff diverts energy and resources from community challenges and opportunities.

Alignment among and between board/council members and staff is critical to the success of local, regional, and Indigenous government. Unfortunately, this relationship can be vulnerable to role confusion, unclear expectations, poor strategic direction, and/or lack of mutual confidence. The ability to positively navigate the ‘grey’ – the political/administrative interface – is key to personal leadership success for both administrative and elected officials.

Join colleagues throughout Canada for this online interactive workshop to apply techniques for ‘real time’ matters you are facing to ‘enhance the political/administrative interface.

What are the benefits of attending?

The workshop will include contemporary concepts, a tool kit and ‘hands on’ activities to:

  • Clarify elected official roles in the political realm – strategy, policy & public interest
  • Confirm administrative responsibilities – advice, implementation & expertise
  • Utilize a political/administrative interface checklist – what works well & areas for attention
  • Enhance council/staff relationships – preventive & remedial strategies
  • Boost your personal capabilities to navigate the ‘grey’

Gordon McIntosh

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Gordon McIntosh, CLGM who has over 40 years of management, educator, and consultancy experience within local government. Gordon has conducted over 1,400 training sessions involving more than 150,000 elected/appointed officials and staff from regional, local, and Indigenous governments throughout Canada and overseas.

Past session participants affirm that his dynamic and practical sessions enable them to make an immediate leadership difference. He will be joined by civic leader guests who will share their insights on this important topic.