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RESPECT: Promoting Civility in Local Government

with Gordon McIntosh

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Promote Respectful Leadership

Starting off, midway or ending the term?

Nothing derails making a community leadership difference more than internal incivility. Poor processes, complex challenges and difficult personalities can cause good people to exhibit bad behaviour. Collectively, this respectful environment can diminish workplace culture, organizational performance and public confidence. Elected officials and staff need to know strategies to promote respectful leadership.

Develop proactive strategies to promote respectful leadership and reactive tactics to address incivility. Hear from legal, governance, integrity and strategic experts, as well as a mayor-CAO duo as they apply “real time” incivility challenges your organization may face.

Join elected officials and staff from local, regional, and Indigenous government for an online interactive workshop to apply techniques that address real-time incivility challenges and promote respectful leadership.

What are the benefits of attending?

The workshop will include contemporary concepts, and hands-on activities to:

  • gain insights into the importance of respectful leadership and its impact on community leadership,
  • learn strategies to address interpersonal and workplace incivility, preventing negative behaviour,
  • develop proactive practices to foster respectful leadership within your organization,
  • acquire techniques to effectively handle real-time challenges related to incivility,
  • engage with legal, governance, integrity, and strategic experts to enhance your knowledge,
  • benefit from video interviews and session quests with Civic Thought Leaders, and
  • experience a learning approach that includes concept presentations, examples, and practical hands-on application of tools and experiences.

Gordon McIntosh

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Gordon McIntosh, CLGM who has over 40 years of management, educator, and consultancy experience within local government. Gordon has conducted over 1,400 training sessions involving more than 150,000 elected/appointed officials and staff from regional, local, and Indigenous governments throughout Canada and overseas.

Past session participants affirm that his dynamic and practical sessions enable them to make an immediate leadership difference. He will be joined by civic leader guests who will share their insights on this important topic.