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Sale of Land by Tender

Sale of Land by Tender
  • Organization: Township of North Frontenac
  • Location: Plevna, Ontario, Canada
  • Deadline: November 28, 2019

Tenders are invited for the purchase of the lands described below:

Part Lot 12, Concession Southwest Range, being Part 4, 13R-10881 geographic Township of Clarendon, now in the Township of North Frontenac, County of Frontenac. PIN 36187-0035(LT) (File No. 12707-560) Minimum Tender Amount: $4,541.39

Part of Lot 40, Concession Southwest Range as in FR592665, Township of North Frontenac. PIN 36189-0524 (File No. 12707-563) Minimum Tender Amount $4,045.25

Part of Lot 21, Concession 7, geographic Township of Barrie as in FR118329, NW of FR499509 (Parcel 1), N of FR688338 and S of 13R533; s/t BC2048, FR145984; Township of North Frontenac, except forfeited Mining rights if any. PIN 36178-0462(LT) (File 12707-565) Minimum Tender Amount $16,772.11

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