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RFSO Proposal Documents 19-11 Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies and Related Services

RFSO Proposal Documents 19-11 Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies and Related Services
  • Organization: Kinetic GPO Inc.
  • Location: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
  • Deadline: June 21, 2019

The intent of this solicitation is to establish one or more contracts that include a comprehensive product offering with one or more suppliers that can accommodate a nationwide demand for Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies The deliverables are listed as follows: a. Dilution Control – Dilution control chemicals and delivery systems ranging from hand-held to wall mounted systems. b. Green Products – Products and supplies that meet industry recognized certified green standards from independent third-party certifications such as EcoLogo and Green Seal. c. Industrial Paper and Dispensers– Includes products such as sanitary paper towels, toilet tissue, wipers, and proprietary and universal product dispensers. d. Private Label – Private branded products, supplies and equipment. e. Hard Floor Care – Products and supplies to care for flooring including wood, stone, concrete and resilient flooring. Products include cleaners, strippers, finishes, sealers, restorers, sweeps, absorbents, mats, pads, doodlebugs, bonnets, brooms, brushes, handles, buckets, wringers, dust pans, mops and squeegees. f. Carpet Care – Products and supplies such as pre-sprays, shampoo, spotters, cleaners, post treatments for carpet and upholstery. g. Restroom Care – Products and supplies including cleaners, brushes, deodorants, proprietary and universal dispensers, sanitizers, disinfectants, skin care and feminine products. h. Waste Receptacles, Compactors and Liners – Products and supplies for the collection and disposal of waste. i. Machines and Accessories – Janitorial equipment such as auto scrubbers, floor machines, burnishers, extractors, vacuums, dryers, sweepers, steam cleaners and associated supplies and accessories. j. Institutional and Industrial Laundry and Kitchen – Products and supplies specific to laundry and kitchen care, including disposable food service items. k. Industrial Tools & Supplies – Tools, supplies and accessories to support cleaning activities including janitor carts, dusters, window cleaners, brushes, spray bottles, squeegees and gloves. l. Other Categories – Relevant products, supplies and equipment not offered in a category listed above.

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