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Municipal Insurance
  • Organization: Town of Fort Frances
  • Location: Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
  • Deadline: September 3, 2019


The Town of Fort Frances, with a population of 7,739, is located in Northwestern Ontario within the District of Rainy River. The Town employs approximately 88 full time, 22 part time, 6 seasonal, 23 students and 22 Volunteer Fire Fighters.

The Town of Fort Frances offers many services to ratepayers and residents. Major functions provided include general administration; protection to persons and property; public works; airport; sewers and environmental; parks, recreational and cultural; health; social and family; planning and development; and waterworks. Sewer and water are separately funded utilities and hydroelectric services are provided under the auspices of the Fort Frances Power Corporation, which also has as an affiliate Fort Frances Network Services.

The 2019 budget for the Town is $23,152,976, Waterworks is $2,837,009, Sewers is $2,603,945, and Capital is $6,871,001.

This request for proposal does not include liability coverage for cyber insurance, as a separate policy is maintained for this.

Purpose and Objectives of the Competitive Bidding Process

There are two main purposes for this Request for Proposal:

1. To specify the terms and conditions that would govern the resulting policy; and
2. To select the successful proponent.

There are five key objectives in requesting insurance proposals. The objectives for the Town of Fort Frances in reviewing the information provided in the submitted RFP’s are as follows:

1. An opportunity to review existing insurance arrangements;
2. An opportunity to improve the overall insurance services;
3. To explore new insurance services that may be available;
4. To have an efficient and effective insurance service provided at the least net cost to the Town of Fort Frances; and
5. An opportunity to evaluate the completeness and adequacy of existing coverage.

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