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Albert Douglas Dam Repairs

Albert Douglas Dam Repairs
  • Organization: City of Weyburn
  • Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Deadline: June 13, 2023

The City of Weyburn (“the City”) is requesting proposals from qualified engineering firms to complete repairs, maintenance and additional inspection work at the Albert Douglas Dam, located southeast of Weyburn, Saskatchewan at the Nickle Lake Reservoir. This maintenance work is a result of the prioritized key findings and recommendations from the 2022 Dam Safety Review (DSR). The scope of work consists of the following parts:

Part 1: Replacement of the radial gate wire ropes and seals and application of new sealant on all spillway construction joints
Part 2: Develop OMS manual, ERP and Emergency Preparedness Plan
Part 3: Perform a camera inspection of the spillway drain pipes and riparian outlet conduit.
Part 4: Redesign of concrete stop logs
Part 5: Re-establish an instrumentation monitoring program starting in the fall of 2023.
Part 6: Complete a freeboard assessment and riprap inspection

Part 7: Develop a tailwater rating curve

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