Voting Forms Kit


Each ENGLISH VOTING FORMS KIT contains ALL of the forms needed for ONE voting station as listed below.

  • 1195 Appointment and preliminary oath or affirmation. Can be used for deputy returning officer or election official. (2 per kit)
  • 1233 Certificate and receipt for ballots. In duplicate. (1 per kit)
  • 1200 Oath or affirmation of secrecy. To be administered to any person authorized to be in attendance at the voting place. Space for 15 entries. (1 per kit)
  • 1202 Declaration of identity – Form 9 (20 per kit)
  • 1202/1 Envelope for declaration of identity (1 per kit)
  • 1203 Application to amend voters’ list. In triplicate. (20 per kit)
  • 1250 Envelope for duplicate copies – application to amend voters’ list. Place duplicate copies of Form 1203 in this envelope. (1 per kit)
  • 1208 Clerk’s certificate to be attached to voters’ list (2 per kit)
  • 1240 Card with oral oaths or affirmations of: qualification; incapacity to vote without assistance; friend of elector; interpreter Bilingual. (2 per kit)
  • 1241 Envelope – special packet for original statements of results (1 per kit)
  • 1242 List of objections taken to ballots by candidates or scrutineers. Space for 30 entries. (1 per kit)
  • 1243 Voter identification poster (2 per kit)
  • 1244 Statutory provisions for the prevention of corrupt practices (2 per kit)
  • 1245 Directions for guidance of electors who have received a ballot (4 per kit)
  • 1246 Tally sheets. Space to record 250 votes for each of 10 candidates. (4 per kit)
  • 1261 Envelope for: original copies of applications to amend voters’ list; appointment of voting proxy; certificate to vote where stationed (3 per kit)
  • 1262 Numerical record of electors who have voted Space to record 510 electors. (2 per kit)
  • 1266 Envelope containing supplies for one voting place (1 per kit)
  • 1272 Final oath or affirmation of deputy returning officer or election official (2 per kit)
  • 1282 Deputy returning officer’s entry as to number of electors voted. In duplicate. (1 per kit)
  • 1295 Statement of election expenses by deputy returning officer (1 per kit)
  • 1278 Municipal Election Law 2022 (1 per kit)
  • 1280 Deputy Returning Officers Handbook, 18th edition (1 per kit)

Ballot Account and Statement of DRO and Envelopes to be ordered separately at an additional cost.
Note: For each elected office, order a quantity of Statement & Envelopes sets that is equal to the quantity of Voting Forms Kits you are ordering above.

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