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Durham Region launches mobile COVID-19 testing clinic

Durham Region launches mobile COVID-19 testing clinic

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Date Posted: 2021-02-10

Organization Name: Municipality of Clarington

Durham Region Transit (DRT) and Region of Durham Paramedic Services (RDPS) are working together, doing their part in the fight against COVID-19. With thorough collaboration and a dedication to the health and safety of the community, the team has launched an innovative mobile COVID-19 testing clinic.

“We are grateful to our paramedics, who have been working tirelessly throughout this pandemic,” said John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “This is an amazing partnership between DRT and the RDPS that uses a forward-thinking approach to quickly and effectively deploy testing services to those who may not otherwise get to a testing site. This is another way we are working to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Since the start of the pandemic, RDPS has been providing testing at various locations in Durham Region. With physical testing space becoming harder to obtain and the weather turning cold, there was a need to secure a more permanent space.

The result: a mobile clinic that is staffed by at least two paramedics, operated by a trained DRT operator, and maintained by DRT mechanics. The mobile clinic offers safe and secure testing of up to 30 people per hour, at key locations identified by Durham Region Public Health.

“Region of Durham Paramedic Services is proud to be launching this initiative with Durham Region Transit to help prevent the spread of COVID-19,” said Troy Cheseboro, Chief of Region of Durham Paramedic Services. “This mobile clinic is essential and will safely bring testing and vaccinations to hard-to-reach communities that may not be able to get to a COVID-19 Assessment Centre.”

The mobile clinic can provide on-site testing at schools, long-term care homes, workplaces, and can reach vulnerable populations who have limited access to a testing site. It also has the capacity to add additional paramedics, if needed.

While the clinic is currently focused on COVID-19 testing, the goal is to transform it into a place where RDPS will administer COVID-19 vaccinations.

“We are incredibly proud to be partnering with RDPS to provide this great community service,” said – Bill Holmes, General Manager of Durham Region Transit. “We are thankful to our paramedics for their continuous efforts throughout these unprecedented times, especially being out there in the community, day in and day out; providing assistance to those who need it most.”

Durham Region Transit, Region of Durham Paramedic Services and Durham Region Public Health have worked together to break new ground and ensure the mobile COVID-19 testing clinic is safe and secure for all residents. CAREA CHC and Lakeridge Health have also collaborated on this initiative to increase access to testing throughout Durham Region.

The mobile testing clinic will operate up to seven days a week.